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NEW - A 100% gender neutral language edition of the 2017 laws is in production.

NEW LAWS arrived in 2017

In our role as a bridge director, we are called on to explain the meaning behind wordings in the lawbook. At this current time especially (the WBFLC spent the first 4 years after publication of the 2007 Laws issuing interpretations) we ask TDs to get to grips with wording that, at first glance, might look obscure. And to keep informed of future interpretations issued as WBFLC minutes around January every year. (WBF By-laws confirm that these minutes carry the same strength as the Laws themselves);

In nearly all cases, our interpretations clarify the wording of a Law, which although accurately written, has caused misunderstanding around the world. However, there have been occasions where the final Law did not reflect the WBFLC's original intentions, so we may need to revise radically.

Law 27 is a classic example: The first edition clearly came out wrong, and even the first modification did not achieve the goal the WBFLC had in mind. So in 2008, meeting for the first time after the new Laws had been issued, the WBFLC formally invited the NBOs to take a more liberal interpretation. Some NBOs did, others didn't (in most cases, the ones who didn't were not aware of the revision).

As for Law 25, the WBFLC intention was so unclear in the wording, that in 2011 a clarifying footnote was added.

The guideline for the TDs is always the same:


(The Laws) are designed not to punish irregularities but rather to rectify situations where non-offenders may otherwise be damaged.

In brief these new laws further these principles:

  • ›Play bridge where it can be played - ›Law 13, 15 23
  • ›Remedy for players mutual lunacy is being limited -›Law 62 & 68
  • ›Finishing boards whenever possible is mandatory -›Law 86

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