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Integrated smart phone scoring for any bridge game.

  • Players can enter scores
  • Competitors can check scores, view rankings and review scorecards
  • New seating assignments are viewable each round
  • Spectators can watch on any browser
  • Directors can use their device to create games, correct scores and monitor the movement progression
  • Teachers can review bidding, play and deals


  • Manually enter deals
  • Publish to our, or your own web results service
  • Email results to participants

We have created a simple subscription service to offer support as needed with extra services where your games have no director

  • IBEx hosted BBO games
  • Virtual scoring 
  • Virtual results publication

Visit to learn more. Or ask me - I'd love to help you get started with our brilliant new technology for bridge games.  

RIGHT NOW we are looking for excellentdirectors who will help us with language in new countries - please contact me on Facebook if you would like to help me.

My  Projects

With the permission and support of one of the greatest players to ever hold cards- my dear Blue Team hero Pietro Forquet - I am now starting to translate his bridge articles into English. He published every month for nearly 20 years - and taught me much to improve my game. Follow the articles - Article 1 is available here, or buy the book when it is ready and let it improve your game too.

The book is progressing - I have translated 60 wonderful instructional and amusing hands which are now being edited for publication.

Now available in English!

The book I have been working to translate for English speaking bridge players is now published and ready to buy. Visit the website (or my books page) to order your copy now.