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We won the 2018 National Pairs!!

Delighted with our success this weekend in Salsomaggiore at the 2018 National Pairs, I take this moment to say a great big well done mate to my long suffering partner Enrico Castellani, a big thank you to all our opponents and acknowledge the fine efforts of the hard working organisers and TDs.

After a slow start, we managed a semi-final spot, working really hard yesterday to reach the final sixteen boards starting in fifth spot. I will post a blog when I get back from cloud nine to tell you a little about some of the hands we will remember fondly for a long time. In the meantime you can have a look on the Italian Federation website at all the hands.

Qualifying  1      Qualifying  2         Semi Final        Final

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- launching in January 2019 my newest bridge community endeavour will bring together all the aspects of bridge - other than play - which bring this game to life for us. For now let this extra show you results of two tournaments I have been involved with from around the globe. 21st Madeira Bridge Festival and 

With the permission and support of one of the greatest players to ever hold cards- my dear Blue Team hero Pietro Forquet - I am now starting to translate his bridge articles into English. He published every month for nearly 20 years - and taught me much to improve my game. Follow the articles - Article 1 is available here, or buy the book when it is ready and let it improve your game too.

The book is progressing - I have translated 60 wonderful instructional and amusing hands which are now being edited for publication.

Now available in English!

The book I have been working to translate for English speaking bridge players is now published and ready to buy. Visit the website (or my books page) to order your copy now.

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