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Expert thinking

Posted by on Monday, October 29, 2018,

Have you heard tell that a bridge expert thinks in a different way to a competent player? Do you like to challenge your everyday play? Then this hand is for you. It was dealt to me yesterday during the knockout stages of a competition I am playing in with my regular team from Pisa. The way I thought through this hand generated 10 IMPs for our side.
East-West are silent as you bid straightforwardly to 3 NT. First let us scrutinise what goes through your mind as you cogitate your dummy play. ...

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Rosenblum 2018 - the bridge continues

Posted by Maurizio Di Sacco on Monday, October 22, 2018,

Right now I am headed to a site visit - it's a promising spot for a future championship. But there’s still one stanza remaining in the Rosenblum final, so hopefully I will find some time today to report on the last 16 deals of this Zimmerman Lavazza showdown - so much blood has been spilled it’s a wonder anyone’s still standing. Fatigue, and the bridge gods have been playing havoc with minds and hearts – but for once the cards have not been bouncing us readers and commentators from p...

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Rosenblum 2018 Final - there's always time for great bridge!

Posted by Maurizio Di Sacco on Monday, October 15, 2018,
Professional duties kept me very busy during the 15th World Bridge Series which took place this September in Orlando USA, but it is a joy to watch great matches - and this year's final did not disappoint - we must always find time to witness great bridge played by the world's finest players.

Here is my report (click the grey arrow to read full sized) on the first session of this impressive match - and more to follow - I'll let you know when it's ready.

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