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Postcards & Deals from Ostend

Each day I will bring you news, my views and some of the hands played during the 54th European Championships 6-16th June. Visit Postcards for daily update, and Carte Da Ostend to find out how it went board by board.

Now available in English!

The book I have been working to translate for English speaking bridge players is now published and ready to buy. Visit the website (or my books page) to order your copy now.

Read Asia report

Day 8 of WBF roadtrip TD training ...

Photos and practice with Laws 16 & 75, and a little time to play some bridge in the evening...

My Latest Project

With the permission and support of one of the greatest players to ever hold cards- my dear Blue Team hero Pietro Forquet - I am now starting to translate his bridge articles into English. He published every month for nearly 20 years - and taught me much to improve my game. Follow the articles - Article 1 is available here, or buy the book when it is ready and let it improve your game too.

Look who I came across in the course of my translating

Martin Hoffman - rest in peace


21 May 2018 - My win in Perugia

HCL Final 2017 - Lavazza V Zwederland 

(part 1 is in English), the rest of the match report is currently available here but only in Italian